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Point Austin: “Show Us Your Papers”: The Whitley fiasco ... Point Austin: “Show Us Your Papers” The Whitley fiasco and the persistence of voter suppression By Michael King, Fri., Feb. 15, 2019 Immigrants to ICE: Show Us Your Papers - Mijente Immigrants to ICE: Show Us Your Papers – Launch of National Challenge to Raids September 12th, 2017 Groups across the country file FOIA requests at every single ICE field office to prevent agency from acting with impunity, investigate plans for raids

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Like the Arizona "show me your papers" law that inspired it, this law compels all people in the state of Utah, citizens and non-citizens alike, to carry identification documents on them at all times, just in case they are stopped by police officers and asked to prove their citizenship or immigration status. Show Us Your Papers I've been considering placing my random thoughts on the state of our union on the web for a while. I don't believe that this will get much reading, or comments or whatnot, but sometimes I feel that I have to say something about what I see or hear. CA: 'Candidates, Show Us Your Taxes' | Mock Paper Scissors I think this is great news: "California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Tuesday that will require presidential candidates to disclose the last five years of their taxes in order to appear on the state primary ballot, the latest Democratic-led state to pressure President Donald Trump to reveal his financial information or risk being…

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"Show Us Your Papers" - Not A Blog - LiveJournal Proving citizenship, particularly for many populations who face hardship in the US, is not a simple process. If states truly want to move forward with this plan for ID, to make sure that we all have state or national "papers", then they have to take the time and money to make absolutely certain that every citizen has them. Let Me See Your Papers! - thethinkingblue Show Me Your Papers - Nazi Germany in America. Today, prisons are being built strictly for profit, right under our noses, without our knowledge. Each person’s body they imprison will give the state or county an extra amount of money, so of course the objective is to fill these jails to capacity or overcapacity. 'Show Us Your Papers': Immigration Advocates Demand to 'Show Us Your Papers': Immigration Advocates Demand to Review Immigration Enforcement Raids Plans “We will keep fighting,” Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez said.

FAQ: Utah's "Show Me Your Papers" Law. The “reasonable suspicion” standard in HB 497 is drawn from the much-criticized use of that phrase in SB 1070. In both laws, it is an open invitation for racial profiling based on someone’s appearance or accent. As discussed above, how else is a police officer on the street,...

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